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Message from Managing Director

Dr. Sufesh Adhikari (Hon) – Co-Owner

Contemporary Music & Business
ACTS- Founder/Managing Director

Dr. Sufesh is founder & currently Managing Director of ACTS in Nepal. He was previously Store Manager for ACTS’29 Enterprises, where he was able to turn around a declining location and outsell the retailer shop’s flagship store for two years straight, despite fewer customers and staff. He has been a musician for over 23 years and toured professionally in the 90’s. He has been involved in administrative management since the age of twenty.

Related, industry-specific strengths:

• CEO/CAO level responsibility.

• Ability to get others to produce to their potential.

• Writing sales programs to generate and maintain consistent sales goals.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Experience negotiating complex sales contracts, including financing and shipment options with large corporate.

• Music Store Management. (5 years +)

• Direct purchasing of up to Rs. 40, 00,000 in inventory annually.

• Top sales producer in the musical instrument department, in addition to his full time management responsibilities.

• Outstanding employee relations, with lower than industry average turnover.

• Excellent relations with vendors.

• Vast knowledge of Musical Instruments and the Musical Instrument Industry locally and nationally.

• Superior customer interaction/retention skills.


Additional Experience:

• 2005-2012 Former Founder of National Open College (NOC), Sanepa & Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT), Balkumari.

• 2007-2008 Former Production Manager at Laki Production (Garnu Garyau Balram Bhainse Kinera, Radhika Hamal) Top selling Album awarded by HITS FM.

• 2005-2014 Former Chief Administrative Officer at National Open College.

• 2015-2017 General Secretary, Jesus College, Nakhipot.

• Till Date District Youth Coordinator at Yuwa Shakti Nepal

• 2018 Candidacy of Provincial Representative- Pradesh No.3 from Naya Shakti Party Nepal