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ACTS World Wide Import & Export Company Pvt. Ltd

Today music is one of the fastest growing industries in the whole world with a wide range of opportunities, employing millions of people. Devotion, talent, genuine interest, sincerity and willingness to work hard can guarantee a big success in the field of music. Likewise, an exciting opportunity currently exists for a full service musical instrument retailer in Kathmandu Valley. Although there are a number of musical instrument retailers in this city of over 2,510,788 people (2011 Census), there are currently only limited very small school band and orchestral instrument dealers (Mangalbazar, Lagankhel, Pulchowk); these stores have small selections and short hours. At the other end of the spectrum (stores with a more guitar and electrical focus), big chains (Guitar Shop, Music Point, Planet Music) are competing on prices at the expense of customer service.

As we believe on this statement, “Start small but always think big.” ACTS Enterprises was established on 16th Chaitra, 2070 and registered on Lalitpur Metropolitan City on dated 12th August, 2014 licensed for Books, Stationery, Sports and Music at the heart of Lalitpur city i.e. Kanibahal – 6, Prayagpokhari, Lalitpur. Later on ACTS decided to move on with music by disabling three licensed business. For the first year only 60-70 guitar were sold and likewise 178 guitars were sold on second year. Then after 428 guitars on third year and fourth year of its establishment ACTS’s rapidly grow its business to 1600 guitars per year.

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