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Our Success

Keys to Success

• Already establish a well-respected music lesson department and start a rapport early with school band and church music leaders.

• Offer extended hours to serve a larger portion of the buying public than our competitors do.

• Educate the buying public by merchandising our products with informational/tutorial signage and literature, and by backing that up with knowledgeable salespeople.

• Offer the services of a full time repair department to our client base.

• Continually modify the product and service offerings to stay on the leading edge of technology within our market.

• Exploit the many weaknesses of our local and national competitors to differentiate ourselves from them.

Our Objectives

• Gain 25% of the local market share within the first three years.

• Maintain a minimum gross profit margin of 40%.

• Create a hands-on, educational approach to musical instrument merchandising.

• Target the large number of school band instrument customers who currently bypass local music stores for catalog or internet sales, due to poor service, selection and prices.

• Aggressively target the public school system and local religious organizations.