• Kanibahal-6, Lalitpur, Metropolitan City
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977-1-15548371 / 9851131671

Our unique marketing schemes include “You Play, We Pay” (whereby a portion of instrument sales and rentals are donated to local school band programs) and “100% Money Back” trade up programs, where customers receive 100% of their purchase price toward upgrading their instrument within one year.

ACTS will focus on the novice, hobbyist, and semi-professional musician; these three groups are seeking value, customer service, and knowledgeable assistance in making what can be a rather significant purchase. ACTS will gain a reasonably large percentage of market shares in a short period by immediately differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

We will establish our branding with our superior service and selection, the excitingly modern look of our retail environment, our “hands on” merchandising approach, and a series of ads with our motto: Stop Dreaming, Start Playing. Once in the store, our clients want to come back often for the special treatment they receive here and nowhere else